My Alpine Home

We have lived in our new home in Alpine, Utah for four years now. My current goal is to make a larger more open home (which works great with our extended family) have a bit of cottage charm and seem more cozy. I hope you will follow along and give me encouragement as well as advice as I embark upon this challenge.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesdays Tour. . .Wadley Farm and a Wedding

Wadley’s Farm is located about 20 minutes from where I live.  It’s in the area where I grew up.

What once was a working farm is now a quaint and beautiful reception center.


This gorgeous greenhouse is located on the property.


We lived in our previous home for 22 years.  It’s where we raised all of our children and watched many neighbor kids grow up.

Lexi was the little girl across the street.  Imagine my delight when her mother called and wanted to borrow a few of my vintage treasures for the reception.  According to both Lexi and her mother she got her love of vintage from playing in our playhouse.  You see, I had furnished the old Pioneer home turned playhouse with vintage finds.


Not only does she have a love for vintage, but she also has a love for travel.  A love developed by her parents.  So naturally the theme for her wedding was “Vintage Travel”.

This garland draped across a gate was filled with cute childhood drawings, photos, and trinkets she’d picked up in her travels.  Notice her gorgeous wedding gown?  Inspired by one she saw in Scotland.  She had it made and used lots of vintage lace.  The front was fabulous as well.  So sad that I didn’t get a photo.  These were all taken with my friends phone.



Vintage travel themed vignettes.



Have you ever heard of ‘Dandelion wishes’?  Well, here’s a jar full.





There were so many other wonderful things that I didn’t get a picture of, but this gives you an idea of what a fun wedding theme this was.

Wishing the newlyweds lots of love and traveling adventures together!



Monday, September 1, 2014

The Gathering Room. . .

My friend, Nancy at A Joyful Cottage hosts a monthly party called  Every Room in the House.

 For the month of September we get to choose and share any room we want.
I decided that I would share a room that I’ve only shown bits and pieces of before.

The family room. . .the room where I love to hang out. The room where we gather.

It has cozy, yet comfortable seating.  I have to give the makers of our sectional (Sam Moore Co), a shout out.  We special ordered this from a furniture store in the S.L. area, “The Black Goose”.  It took about 3 months before it arrived.  After only having it a short while the cushions started to ball up.  Similar to what happens to sweaters.  They call it peeling.  I was sick about it and it continually got worse.  The store sent a cushion to the company and they replaced the entire sectional.  I had to go pick a different fabric.  It took a couple months to get it replaced, but I am so pleased!


It wasn’t until after our original sectional arrived that I realized that the trunks I had up in the bonus room matched the fabric on the pillows so well.  Happy accident!

The coffee table was scored at a damaged goods store.  A rustic wooden box holds a book bundle and a couple of finials.  I can’t junk the table up to much because we like to put our feet on it. lol!


This room has a large window with a gorgeous view of the mountains.  It’s what sold us on this home. You know how hard it is to photograph a window.  This is the best I could do.  I love my smocked burlap curtains!  The little sewing box is a recent thrift find.  It holds my stitching projects.  Thinking of painting it a color.


I bought wooden curtain rods, painted them blue and sanded them to let the wood show through.


I love this bucket I found at home goods to house some of my books.


I bought this sofa table at a yard sale for $20.  I painted it to coordinate with my green houndstooth chair.


Favorite magazines are handy for browsing through.


And quilts and blankets for wrapping up in on a chilly night.


Now here’s the thing that I am wanting to change in this room.  I am tired of what I have on this large 20 ft. wall.  I’d like to mix things up a little.  I would like to take the large peace art down and replace it with a gallery style of a few smaller things.  I’m in the process of putting something together.  I love my large window that we added the colored glass to.  It was not fun to hang so it will NOT be coming down.
I usually have things hanging from the wire on the small window frame.  Haven’t gotten around to do that for Fall.

A few months ago I created this pegboard out of old molding.  Love the chippiness!


The red clock is very large and works well on this monstrosity of a wall.


I have a gathering theme going on for Fall.  The hearth ladder holds a bundle of sage and a herb stitching I did a long time ago.


Fall is when I harvest my Limelight Hydrangea blooms.  I will be showing my mantle in a separate post.


Do you see the other monstrosity that I don’t love?  Yup, that would be the t.v.  Would love to disguise it somehow.


I bought the large suitcase on our way home from Napa.  Hoping to find more to add to it.  I have three small ones, but need some inbetweeners.  (ha, ha, is that even a word?)  I think not.  I usually put my large lantern in the entry or out on the porch.  Brought it up from the storage, sat it here and it hasn’t moved yet.  May not, who knows?


You can see that this room and the kitchen are very open.  The French doors lead out to our deck.


This room is definitely the place where we love to gather.  It showcases my love for mixing the old with the new.



p.s. I want to thank Nancy for featuring my Laundry Room and My Clothesline in the Playhouse Under the Stairs from last months Every Room in the House Party!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

LEAF it Up to Me. . .

According to our local weatherman, we are going to have an early Fall.  I have already been seeing touches of color on the mountain sides.

Are you looking forward to seeing a gorgeous Autumn?  It’s always such a breathtaking sight!
Well, until that time arrives; leaf it up to me to show you my collection of pretty leaves.

In the entry I have a  ladder filled with small quilts.  Sure to find some colored leaves here.


We don’t often think of blue as an Autumn color. . .but I love this leaf image my daughter, Kylee made for me years ago.  A picture of her and her cat, shadow sitting by her playhouse clothesline when she was young.  Notice the crows?


A scene of an Autumn home sits on top of my blue cabinet.

The leaves were made by adding lots of tiny circles.

A little leaf themed vignette sits atop a round table.


Leaf plates hang above.


Now let’s step into the living room.


Pumpkins formed of metal leaves were a gift from a friend.


A sweet little oak leaf garland.


A glitzy leaf hanging on an old window makes a simplistic statement.



Nothing is quite as gorgeous as the ‘real’ deal!  I dried these leaves last year.  They have been pressed in a book until I retrieved them to make this garland.


It drapes across the living room mantle.  Plain and simple, but I love it!


The family room and kitchen have a few leaves also.




One little leaf juice glass joins my fall themed glass collection.  All are thrift finds.


More thrift finds with a leaf theme.


I had the leaf bowl, but I recently found the plate to match.  Yup, at a thrift store.  I can’t pass things like this up when I run across them.  Whether I need them or not.  Needs got nothing to do with it, right?


I hope my colorful Autumn leaves helped get you in the mood for Fall and the beautiful colors that soon will be here!



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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sunflower Saydee. . .

Yesterday my daughter, Karrah called and said that Saydee’s babysitter had a sick child and could she come to Grandma’s house.

She’s always a delight so of course I said, ‘yes’.

As soon as mom headed off to work Saydee wanted to go up into the bonus room to find a toy.  Grandma obliged.

Originally she said that she wanted ‘to play dress ups’.  Grandma has a closet full of fun fashions.  But when I told her I was going outside to spray off the front porch she settled for Barbie’s.  No fun to dress up without Grandma watching.

We sprayed off the porch together.  I did some and then handed the hose over to Saydee.  She mentioned how she was a ‘good helper’.  Indeed she was!


I plucked a ‘giant’ sunflower from the garden and placed it on my rustic bench.  The sunflowers in my front yard reseeded from last year.  I thought they were all small, but then this one and only giant beauty surprised me.


I’m just beginning to give the porch touches of Fall.  It’s been in the 70’s here lately and feeling very Fall like.

When we went back inside Saydee asked if she could dress up as a helper.  I was curling my hair and said, ‘sure, I’d be up in a minute’.

She headed up stairs on her own and this is what she came down in.  Wondering what kind of a helper she is? lol!

I couldn’t resist so I grabbed the camera.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me.








I love that ‘Sunflower Saydee June’!  Named after my sweet mother.



p.s. Did I mention that she took the hat and slip home with her?  But the scarf (boa) was too itchy.

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